High Up


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image of looking down on clouds

Photo by domwilson1

I wonder what
keeps us so
high up?
I’m trying
but this fear
has a hold on me.
I can feel
my heart beating
as time catches
up with me.
people, they drift
on and on
so far away
they may never
all the while
we endure
something keeps
us going
higher and higher
the limit
is for us to


Always Wondering


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photo of a girl sitting the floor staring out a window while holding a book

Photo by David Masters

I’m always wondering
… where you are
… what you’re doing
… are you thinking of me?
… do we dream the same dreams?
… if we feel the same things
in our hearts.

But every time
I try to speak the words…
when I try to ask the questions
just to get the answers,
a fear takes hold of my heart
that the words that you’ll speak
won’t be the words that I seek
keeps me paralyzed.

And the silence between us
stretches further than the stars
so that I am always,
always wondering
where you are.

Give Up


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photo of a gate

Photo by Jairo BD

we’ll be the same tomorrow
something always brings me
back to you
keep me without chains
set me free
come on, come on
explain how we
go from one extreme to another
I’m looking in
way down
got lost in your eyes
are you going
to leave me now?
nothing ends up right
I never saw the signs
It’s just ’cause I like you
is there any other
kind of pain?
is there anything
more pathetic?
never know when
I lose the game
didn’t know it
had started
nothing means anything
what did you expect?
nothing but spite
why won’t you just
let it be?
just a little too late
you don’t understand
If I close my eyes
then maybe I won’t feel
when you lie
no, it still hurts.
I give up.

If We Meet Again


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text on paper reading if we ever meet again

Photo by silence has the loudest voices

holding on to hope
hearing what you say
tell me that you’re
sorry. It’s too late
what’s someone like you
doing with someone like me?
I’ll never be the same
I just want you more
hope you don’t see me blush
there’s so much more to say
maybe I’ll tell you
if we ever meet again.

Don’t Fit


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I like to think
of people as
circles and squares
and such.
every shape
has it’s place
where it fits.
some shapes are
more common
than others.
circles, for instance.
those that are different
are not liked.
and so the common ones
precede to force them into
places where they
don’t fit.
conform them.
transform them.
they also find ways
to gain control
of the unknown.
they classify you.
If you are a little different
say…. an oval
you are weird.
And when you are
too different
(a square)
you are insane.
The definition of insanity
is doing something
over and over
and expecting a
different result.
so, what is to be said
of those who continually
try to fit a square
into a circle’s place?
they push and they prod
applying pressure
here and there
even dare to
cut around the corners
but we just don’t fit.

What Road Led Me Here?


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image of a man standing in the middle of a road with his hands held out

Photo by Shahram Sharif

Gently hold my
hands forever
everything you do
you fly so high
you don’t remember me
I could use a little
you make it too
If I’m not strong
you just might
break me
Why can’t we all
just be honest?
I’ve stopped dreaming
now I must
fill the void with
….. something
We try so hard
to reassemble
the broken parts
Contempt with loneliness
because we are
afraid of the risk
What proof do we have
that this is not the dream?
Starting to believe it is
wanting to believe it is
so that there is hope
I may wake up
it’s just another day
When you hurt inside
you don’t know when
to draw the line
I knew the way once
because I have been
there before
Though now, I am lost
asleep and awake
joy and misery
What road led me here?

Never Enough


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Photo by knickers-b

Our time together
is never enough
we need time
more time
I thought I felt
your touch
and forgot everything
In my head
what can I do
to keep you here
beside me?
I crave for you
but I’m never satisfied
my heart races
at the thought of you
I wish I could
live in my dreams
where we are together
the worst nightmare
is when we are apart
when I see you
do you see me?
it’s alright
I just can’t let go
of this dream
I’ve completely lost myself
shameful, how
I can’t say no to you
but I never feel
good enough
so I’ll just let you be.