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photo of a gate

Photo by Jairo BD

we’ll be the same tomorrow
something always brings me
back to you
keep me without chains
set me free
come on, come on
explain how we
go from one extreme to another
I’m looking in
way down
got lost in your eyes
are you going
to leave me now?
nothing ends up right
I never saw the signs
It’s just ’cause I like you
is there any other
kind of pain?
is there anything
more pathetic?
never know when
I lose the game
didn’t know it
had started
nothing means anything
what did you expect?
nothing but spite
why won’t you just
let it be?
just a little too late
you don’t understand
If I close my eyes
then maybe I won’t feel
when you lie
no, it still hurts.
I give up.