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I like to think
of people as
circles and squares
and such.
every shape
has it’s place
where it fits.
some shapes are
more common
than others.
circles, for instance.
those that are different
are not liked.
and so the common ones
precede to force them into
places where they
don’t fit.
conform them.
transform them.
they also find ways
to gain control
of the unknown.
they classify you.
If you are a little different
say…. an oval
you are weird.
And when you are
too different
(a square)
you are insane.
The definition of insanity
is doing something
over and over
and expecting a
different result.
so, what is to be said
of those who continually
try to fit a square
into a circle’s place?
they push and they prod
applying pressure
here and there
even dare to
cut around the corners
but we just don’t fit.