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image of a man standing in the middle of a road with his hands held out

Photo by Shahram Sharif

Gently hold my
hands forever
everything you do
you fly so high
you don’t remember me
I could use a little
you make it too
If I’m not strong
you just might
break me
Why can’t we all
just be honest?
I’ve stopped dreaming
now I must
fill the void with
….. something
We try so hard
to reassemble
the broken parts
Contempt with loneliness
because we are
afraid of the risk
What proof do we have
that this is not the dream?
Starting to believe it is
wanting to believe it is
so that there is hope
I may wake up
it’s just another day
When you hurt inside
you don’t know when
to draw the line
I knew the way once
because I have been
there before
Though now, I am lost
asleep and awake
joy and misery
What road led me here?