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a boy sitting in a meadow thinking

Photo by Emergency Photography

Life’s a lot to think about
Where to go
What to do
and why?
Am I who you tell me to be
or am I who I want to be?
The truth is
I am neither.
Here or there
it doesn’t matter.
What we say
and what we do
are two different things.
You know what they say
about the road to hell?
It being paved with good intentions…
Funny, how we “mean well”
but do so badly.
Yes, I know
You do it cause you love me.
If I had a dollar
for every time I heard those words
I’d be a rich woman
And then you’d love me more.
Now, take into consideration
that your “love” is killing me
Do I really need more?
I think I’ll pass.
You’ve said too much
and I’ve said too little
But that’s how you like it, right?
Keep my mouth shut
take it all in stride
If you’re disappointed
I suggest you get used to it.