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broken key

Photo by Andi Licious

Faith can make you
Wild with hope
In spite of everything
Everyday feels like a
Brand new chance
To fall apart.
It doesn’t matter,
Like it did before.
Afraid and unsatisfied
I don’t want to go.
Daylight is not the same
When you are lonesome,
When you are broken.
Things aren’t what
They used to be.
Where did all the
Blue skies go?
I thought they would
Never end.
See me through another day
Through lonely times.
If I could I would
Tell you that I care.
Days so fun and sweet
Now only in dreams.
It’s the edge of the world
Break the spell of aging.
Bells ring
I hear them singing
Calling me out to see.
No ones perfect
Who’s the judge?
Rise above the
Doubts and fears
How does it feel
To be alone?
To not believe?
Far way from here
That’s where I’ll be
Letting the words
All in my head.