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life is beautiful

Photo by Dott Comments

We live
Until we die
Let them see you smile
Life is beautiful
But it’s complicated
And we barely make it
There are miracles
That guide us
I will hold you
When the hurting kicks in
Believe me when I say
I’m just as lost as you
And when I think that
I’ve finally made it
I find out I’m further
Away than I was before.
It’s getting harder to see
What the future holds
Afraid that I’m falling
What am I going to do?
Let us pretend
We are far away
From all our problems
Just for one day
I’ll make an escape
With you
Show me what it means
To be in this world
Waiting for a miracle
To save me
Do I trust my heart?
Or trust my mind?
Staring straight into the sun
Will not close my eyes
Until I understand
Waiting for a sign
What happens next?
Must find hope
To believe in
Faith for a better tomorrow.