I don’t think you have the slightest idea
of how much you hurt me.
How could you?
You don’t give a damn about me.
It seems that I am nothing to you.
So that is what I shall make of you.

You are no longer the one I love.
The only one
who could put a smile on my face.
No longer a friend,
no longer the last thought
in my head before I fall asleep;
or the first thought when I awake.

You are no longer
the one I dream of,
no longer the one
I wish to be with.
What you once were,
you can never be again.

Once, you were everything to me;
now, you are nothing.
Only a memory,
one which will thankfully fade.

Leaving me free
from your imprisonment.
Your power is gone,
and I am free.
So fade into the darkness,
where you belong.