Dear Father,

I thought I would share a strange dream I had with you. I’ve been having a lot of strange dreams lately, but this one… I think you should know about it. It wasn’t very long, but the message was clear. First there’s darkness, and all I can hear are children laughing and playing. And then I see myself, as a child, playing and running around at the park. Then a man’s voice calls my name. I turn around and run toward the voice. I stretch out my arms and the man picks me up and hugs me. he holds me in is arms for what could be eternity, as if he were afraid of losing me. He holds me tight and a feel warm and safe. I find happiness in this moment, and my small child arms hold tight to this man, as if I were afraid of losing him as well. And as we pull away from each other, I awake.

Your Daughter