Dear Uncle G,

I know you had a part in the raising of me, and that I should love you and respect you. But the events of childhood can not be erased from my mind. I remember the screaming and shouting, the drunken nights, even the times you hit my aunt. And now, with the recent revelation that you had something to do with the deportation of my mother so many years ago, I find it hard to muster any feelings of fondness towards you.In fact, the very thought of you repulses me.

I wish very much to erase the memory of you. Having no father, I fear you are the only example my brother and I have of a father figure. I know it to be a poor one, and there fore discard it. And do please stop insisting on me calling you father, I did it when I was younger upon Aunt V’s request, but now… That I should do it of free will, and right mind, is inconceivable.

I do hope you understand what I am saying, I know your English is very poor. Which is absurd, considering you’ve lived in the U.S for over twenty years now. But I digress. I apologize deeply should I sound cold-hearted, but sympathy and kindness fails me where you are concerned.