Dear Mother,

I know we don’t get along all the time. In fact, we rarely do. And I know I could spend more time with you, and talk a little gentler, and be less sarcastic. I know you think I don’t listen when you talk, but I do. It’s just that you don’t listen when I talk. And you refuse to understand the point that I’m coming from. I know you’re older and wiser, but give me some credit. Contrary to your beliefs, I’m not a complete dunce. Heck, I may not be a dunce at all. But you don’t see this, because all your time is consumed with criticism, and lecturing.

I know you love me, and only want the best, but you lived your life, let me live mine. Believe it or not, this was intended to be an apology. And I am sorry. It’s not completely my fault, it’s not anyones fault really. Those thirteen years you were away, left a huge hole in our relationship. It’s going to take a while to fix it. We may even need to start over. But what ever we do, we have to do it right.

So I’ll listen more, if you do the same.

Your daughter.