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Photo by kelsey_lovefusionphoto

you and I were fated to
never be the same
I felt it down in my ribs
you took my heart
I think you took my soul
no wonder I’m scared
to look into your eyes
you’ve got something
deep inside of you

you say you want your freedom
where would I begin?
please don’t take away
all the things I hold dear in life
when all that you can give
is a cold goodbye
it’s too late to get rid of
this sickness of the heart
singing me to sleep
with a secret pain

I want to drown my sorrow
I can’t be as sorry
as you think I should
It could take my whole life
to make this right
feeling lost and numb
I die every time I look inside
this empty heart of mine
working hard to get back
to who I used to be

healing, but it’s taking so long
no one wins
living like this