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Has your heart ever ached?
here is how you know
when your heart
physically tightens
when it feels like it’s shrinking
when you feel
a pressure pressing down on you
when you know you should
feel healthy
but your heart
literally feels heavy
as though it grew in weight
several times larger than it should

When you know
that no doctor on earth
possesses the medicine
you need
when you place your hand
upon your chest
hoping to keep your heart
inside your body
when your heart beats
faster faster faster
so loudly, you find it
a disturbance
you fear others
will soon notice

You can feel it
through your skin
it radiates with sorrow
melancholy streams
through your veins
a depression
deeper than any ocean
broader than the horizon
as infinite as the universe
oh yes, it is palpable
do not be fooled
by the illusion
it is not sheer emotion

it is a disease
of body
and soul
it is merciless
very few survive
it preys on those
who believe to be
but these are the ones
who find
that they are most vulnerable

those who are in love
do not realize
they are blind
they can not see
lurks at every corner.