No, Not Anymore


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Photo by doortoriver



say your goodbyes
and hit the road
and for god’s sake
don’t come back
I don’t know you
no, not anymore

makes me question
if I ever did
don’t care
no, not anymore

don’t care if I
see you again
don’t care if you
love me
cause I have
no love for you
no, not anymore

you’ll see
years from now
they’ll ask me
if I still think of you
and I’ll say
no, not anymore.

Your Power


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Photo by Dominic Alves

No, I won’t let you
have this power over me
Won’t let you affect
my emotions
my sanity
Whether or not
I am happy or sad
has no dependency
on you
I smile because
I choose to
not because you are near me.
And the tears falling
down my face
have nothing to do
with your distance
from me
But this, you know
is a lie
you revel in your victory
exorcising your power
over me
whenever it amuses you
you would have me
as a puppet on a string
I struggle only to realize
resistance is futile.


The Passing of the Storm


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Remnants of storm pass across Bay

Image by chesbayprogram

Once, there was a great storm
it pushed my head beneath the waves
and I was gone
I waited for so long.

Waited for the light of day.
Oh, How the night dragged on.
And the waves, they carried me
far out to sea, the storm kept ragging.

So it came to be
that there was no time
no measurement of existence
just a soul within this world.

And when the clouds parted
light banished darkness
the waves calmed
the storm was no more.

The soul was free to soar
scour the lands
explore the oceans
roam the earth.

From Far Away


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Such Great Heights - cloud image

Photo by Bruce Turner

Everything looks perfect 

from far away

get too close

you begin to see

the imperfections

the truth beneath the illusion

what looks like a gift

just might be a curse

under the pretty wrapping.

We paint ourselves as angels

but we can’t hide

the monsters within.

Lying to everybody

fooling no one

but ourselves

always seeking approval

yet we find only shame.

They say that the

’truth will set you free’

but they never think

to mention that it sets us

free from the

cage we locked ourselves in

the one we painted gold

so that when someone

looks at it from a far

it seems to be a haven

but looks can be deceiving.

Everything Ends


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Picture of a flower

Photo by torbakhopper.

Always understand
that everything
ends, eventually
so let me give my
love to you now
for I fear
it won’t last long
I might move on
don’t be too shocked
just another case of
‘here today, gone tomorrow’

You know, I don’t think
we’re meant to stay
here very long
Like the butterfly
who takes our breath away
in one glorious moment
and is gone the next
life is fleeting
let us make the most of it.

Fragile Things


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photo of a white flower

Photo by KellyB.

they’re made up of bits and pieces
ready to break
what holds them together?
a few strips of tape.
careful how you handle them
they’ll slip through your fingers
nothing is left
their memory lingers.
they’re rough around the edges
need special care
someone to love them
though no one would dare
for fear of the sorrow
that loving can bring
our hearts remain
such fragile little things.